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The heroine Yuzuki, enveloped by a mysterious light emitted by her smartphone, was brought to a realm she has never been. Before her, the landscape has become that of Sengoku Japan - the age of the Warring States. Yet, this period is different from what Yuzuki knows of history - and in this different world, a world known as ‘Shinga’ (God’s Fang) [神牙] - the warriors of Sengoku Clans are mythical beings, vampires and werewolves, known as the Geggazoku (Moon Fang Race) [月牙族].

A long time ago, the Himemiko [姫神子] protected ‘Shinga’ with the powers of her special blood and the Clans lived in peace. All of a sudden, the Himemiko vanished and with her disappearance, the Geggazoku lost their protection. The tumult that followed the loss of this peace led to a turbulent conflict between the Clans as they sought to unify ‘Shinga’ under their own banner. It was also in these chaos that the Yakuma, the Demons of Misfortune [厄魔] emerged, to rampage through the lands.

The Commander of the Toyotomi forces - Toyotomi Hideyoshi - brought the heroine Yuzuki into the safety and welcome of their clan during this conflict. By accident, he discovered that Yuzuki’s blood could awaken certain powers in the Geggazoku. The news of Yuzuki’s blood and its ability spread to the other warring clans - Oda, Uesugi, Takeda, Sanada and Date, each clan respectively wishing to possess Yuzuki for themselves.

[Search for the Maiden from the Other World] - were the Himemiko’s last words, left to the White Raccoon Spirit Imari, before she vanished. As the Yakuma continues to multiply, the Warriors of the Clans, touched by Yuzuki's power, struggling with what to protect and what to fight - spinning a new tale in this tumultuous parallel world.

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  • TOKYO MX : Starts on 3rd October, Every Tuesday 23:00
  • Sun Television : Starts on 3rd October, Every Tuesday 24:00
  • Television Aichi Broadcasting : Starts on 3rd October, Every Tuesday 26:35
  • Nippon BS Broadcasting: Starts on 3rd October, Every Tuesday 27:00
  • The broadcasting times may change without notice.


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