Sengoku Night Blood English Wiki

Battles in Senbura automatically start on your unit enters the battlefield. Depending on the difficulty level of the battle, your unit may be required to fight more than one wave of enemies.

Senbura battlepanel 01.png

Unit Skills and Card Skills

The unit skill will activate once the unit skill requirement is met. Card skills activate randomly so if you are trying to complete objectives for certain battles, you might have to run it a few times to allow the activation to happen.

Healing your Unit Members

You can heal your unit members up to a total of 3 times during the battle. When a unit member is injured, he will request you to heal him. Do so by holding your finger down or mouse cursor down on any part of his image to heal. He will thank you before continuing the battle.

Other Options

During battle, you can choose the following options using the Menu button.

  • Options : Changes various options including sound and effects.
  • Fast Forward : Speeds up the battle.
  • Skip : Skips the whole battle sequence till finish. You will not be able to heal any injured warrior.
  • Retreat : Retreat and surrender the fight.
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