Sengoku Night Blood English Wiki


Please ensure your device has approximately 900 MB of free data space before installing this game. The game is available for only Android and IOS users. If you are using a Windows phone or other forms of OS, you will not be able to play this game.

The game is able to run on NOX or Bluestacks Emulators. Installation on these platforms is similar to Android installation.


If you are using Android 4.2 version or above on your device, complete the following steps. QooApp is required to download the game for Android users.

This game only runs on Android 4.2 version and above. Please update your phone's OS before installing.


if you are using IOS 8.0 and above on your Apple device, complete the following steps. A Japanese iTunes account is required to set up the game. There are various tutorials online on how to set up this up. Please ensure you have a Japanese iTunes account before you proceed.

  • Select and press 'GET' .
  • Select and press 'INSTALL' .
  • The game may require several downloads to update upon launching - ensure you have a strong WiFi connection before starting this, else it may affect your game data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Do I need to pay to play Sengoku Night Blood?

Answer : The game is free to download and free to play. Purchases may be made ingame for various game resources. You can use iTunes account or Google Pay to pay for these. A valid credit card or phone credit is needed to make payment.

Question : Do I need mobile data or a WiFi connection to play Sengoku Night Blood?

Answer : You require a mobile data connection of 3G or better or a WiFi connection to play this game. As the game may periodically update by downloading large files, we recommend regular play with WiFi connection when possible so as to conserve your data charges.

Question : The game refuses to install. I am seeing some errors!

Answer : Please check that you have a valid OS and the correct version before installing and downloading the game. Ensure you have the required data space available as well. If you need more help, please join our discord with your questions. 

Question : Does Sengoku Night Blood have a support email? Who can I contact if I need help with anything?

Answer : You might wish to contact Marvellous Inc via their webforms which can be found at  but you are required to use written Japanese while conversing with them. Unfortunately, we here at the wikia will not not able to support you with regards to this matter - you might be able to find some one to help you on the discord.