Sengoku Night Blood English Wiki

Quarreling State[]

A notice that some cards are now Quarreling.

The Reconcile button, as well as the Quarreling flag.

Confirmation to reconcile.

When your units are attacked in battle and their health falls below 50% they will ask you to heal them. You can accept ー by tapping and holding ー or you can decline ー by flicking the screen; do the latter enough times with the same unit and eventually he will enter a "Quarreling" state (喧嘩中) where you will be unable to give him potions and increase his intimacy level.

This is discovered the first time you go to interact with units by tapping the pink Interaction (交流) button on the top screen. A notice will appear that warns you there are units who have entered the Quarreling state and list which cards are affected. Cards that are Quarreling are identified by a blue flag and shaded overlay.

To mend this and make him available again, simply give potions to other units until a new button "Reconcile" (仲直り) appears on his card. When tapped, a confirmation prompt will tell you that if you mend your relationship you will once again be able to interact with the unit.

Upon confirmation, you're treated to a three-line scene where the character apologizes (or, depending on his personality, scolds you) for his behavior and expresses his desire to mend his relationship with you. These scenes have been compiled on this page.


Oda Nobunaga
Next time you refuse my request, I will behead you.
You belong to me forever. Don’t forget that.
Akechi Mitsuhide
…Will you forgive me?

I see… You are truly kind. So kind that it worries me.

This feeling is similar to the time I was forgiven by Nobunaga-sama. Once more, would you please take my hand?
Mori Ranmaru
Shibata Katsuie
Niwa Nagahide
It's not like I was hiding or anything.

I was just, sort of skipping work like usual.

......Actually, I can't pull that one on you anymore.

It's my bad.
......I'm home now.


Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Hey, Player.

Sorry about the thing lately.

You know…… You’re being really mean to me.
That’s a lot of nerve you’ve got
to ignore a general like me.

I’ll give in this time.

But… There won’t be next time, okay?
Ishida Mitsunari
Player... Do you have a moment?

I apologize that I took on a rather immature behavior towards you the other day.

Because of the deviations that occured in the plans based to work on your assistance... I was a little upset.

I may have been impatient.
In any event, your power is still necessary.

Will you continue to support Hideyoshi-sama with me?
Kuroda Kanbee
Maeda Toshiie
Takenaka Hanbee


Uesugi Kenshin
Kakizaki Kageie
Amakasu Kagemochi
Uesugi Kagekatsu
Naoe Kanetsugu


Takeda Shingen
Yamagata Masakage
Kousaka Masanobu
Naitou Masatoyo
I'm sorry for making you worry. I've realized I didn't act very maturely.

...I should have understood your circumstances. Yet, I listened only to my own feelings and ran.

I won't do something like that again. So, can we fix the mood? Please... forgive me.
Baba Nobuharu


Sanada Yukimura
Sanada Nobuyuki
Sarutobi Sasuke
Kirigakure Saizou
Yuri Kamanosuke


Date Masamune
「Hmph...... It's not my fault.
You should feel sorry for not complying with my request.

I'm back anyway.
You'd better...... be grateful.」

It goes without saying that I'm not doing it for you.
......I'm doing it for our army.
Date Shigezane
Katakura Kojuro
Player, um… Please excuse me for running away so suddenly the other day.

Thinking back on it even now, I regret my acting like Shigezane… I mean, immaturely.

In order to become an adult who can create an impression on you, I'll work my hardest. So, won't you allow me to watch over you by your side a little more?


Nezu Jinpachi
Kakei Juuzou
… Um, I’m sorry! For suddenly disappearing.

I just wanted you to pay a little attention to me… But I won’t do it again!

Erm… Let's continue working together.