Sengoku Night Blood English Wiki

Please check the UI guide below for information about the game's settings.

Senbura settings 01.png

Glossary for Settings

  • Options オプション : Change game settings here - BGM, Sound Effects, Voices, Battle Speed etc
  • Profile プロフィール : Edit your User Name and MC Name here, the birthdate cannot be changed.
  • Friends Management フレンド管理 : Manage friends and followers here. Mutual follow is shown in purple, followers are blue, while players you follow are shown in pink. 
  • Recommendation 友達招待 : Tweet or tap in once a day to gain 1 War-Carved Stone.
  • Warrior Introduction 武将紹介 : Introduction to the characters, change home screen character
  • Album アルバム : Open to view the cards you have collected so far.
  • Shop ショップ : Brings you to the ingame purchase for War-Carved Stones.
  • Items Inventory アイテム覽 : A list of all the items you currently own.
  • Voice Management ボイス管理 : This is where you can delete downloaded data of voiced stories (to help you save space)
  • Notifications お知らせ : Information and updates about the game.
  • Help ヘルプ : Guide (in JP only) about game details and game play.
  • Credits クレジット
  • Q&A お問い合わせ
  • Official Site 公式サイト
  • Data Transfer データ引き継ぎ
  • Opening Movie オープニング