Sengoku Night Blood English Wiki
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Glossary Guide[]

  • Stories [物語] Tap on this selection to go to [1 Main Story マイン ストーリー] [2 Card Story カードストーリー] and [3 Event Story イベントストーリー]
  • Interaction [交流] Tap on this selection to go to the Interaction Panel.
  • Battle [戦闘] Tap on this selection to choose [1 - Main Battle マインバトル] [2 - PVP 手合いバトル] [3 - Daily Battle 曜日バトル] [4 - Event Battle イベントバトル]
  • Management [編成] Tap on this selection to organise your character cards into teams.
  • Settings [設定] Tap on this selection to manage various options to support gameplay.
  • Gacha [ガチャ] Tap on this selection to enter the Gacha Panel
  • BP Blood Points : Game stamina / Action Points
  • Information [お知らせ] includes game updates and event information (In Japanese Language)
  • Present [プレゼント] includes your gifts and rewards for completion of tasks and quests.
  • Daily Mission [デイリーミッション] Daily Missions to be completed for rewards. (This will replace Newcomers Mission. The icon looks like a Crown)
  • Warrior Profiles, Relationships and Switching of Homescreen Warrior [お気に入り]